For Public Safety Agencies

Support Services to Surviving Families of Line-of-Duty Death

A Public Safety Agency Handbook: This handbook will be valuable to any public safety agency that might experience the line-of-duty death of an officer. lt is also invaluable to the agency when dealing with any death of an employee. It provides valuable insight on how to best assist the emotional support needs of a traumatized surviving family.

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Line-of-Duty Death Manual

The purpose of this excellent sample manual is to help relieve the trauma following the loss of a fellow police officer by preparing for such a tragedy in advance. It includes information regarding family support, benefits, and funeral arrangements.

Example 1 [PDF], from the Washington DC Metro Transit Police Department

Example 2 [PDF], from the Norman, OK, Police Department

Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program

The Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) Act was enacted in 1976 to assist in the recruitment and retention of law enforcement officers and firefighters. Specifically, Congress was concerned that the hazards inherent in law enforcement and fire suppression and the low level of state and local death benefits might discourage qualified individuals from seeking careers in public safety, thus hindering the ability of communities to provide for public safety. The PSOB Program provides death benefits in the form of a one-time financial payment to the eligible survivors of public safety officers whose deaths are the direct and proximate result of a traumatic injury sustained in the line of duty. Since October 15, 1988, the benefit has been adjusted each year on October 1 to reflect the percentage of change in the Consumer Price Index. For each death and disability claim, the award amount is solely determined by the actual date of the officer’s death or disability. Please visit the PSOB web site for more information. You will find all the necessary forms and instructions on the site and many of the forms now can be filled out online.